Block Note 2000

Binded with band and perforated from the top
50 sheets(100 pages)
170x210mm  Ref:BS5001  Pkg: 70pcs
220x280mm  Ref:BL5001  Pkg: 24pcs

Paper: 60gsm
Front: W/F 2 side glossy coated 170gsm
BacK: Duplex board 300gsm
Available in line & 5x5mm

Omnipad Block Note

Head stapled pad
70 sheets(140 pages) 5x5mm
  85 x 120 mm   Ref: OM08  Pkg: 48pcs
100 x 150 mm   Ref: OM10  Pkg: 48pcs
148 x 210 mm   Ref: OM15  Pkg: 24pcs
170 x 240 mm   Ref: OM17  Pkg: 24pcs
210 x 320 mm   Ref: OM21  Pkg: 18pcs

Paper : 70gsm
Cover: Orange coated cardboard 240gsm

MEMO PAD Block Note

Single Wire from top
Paper: 60 gsm - 5x5

Front 250gsm - Duplex Board
60 sheets (120 pages)

75 x 100 Pkg: 144
Ref: NS7510

85 x 120 mm Pkg: 108
Ref: NS8512

100 x 150 mm Pkg: 54
Ref: NS1015

148 x 210 mm Pkg: 36
Ref: NS1421

170 x 240 mm Pkg: 42
Ref: NS1724

210 x 295 mm Pkg: 108
Ref: NS8512

Signature Block Note

70 sheets(140 pages)
Binded microperforated from top
210x320mm  Ref: NG5001
180x210mm  Ref: NG5002
Spiral from top
210x297mm Ref: NG5043
158x210mm  Ref: NG5044

Paper: 70gsm
Cover: Solid bleached board 350gsm+back
support board 1000gsm