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Faces Notebook

Double wire from top
80 sheets(160 pages)  Ref: NP0014  Display: 24pcs

Paper: 100gsm
Cover: Hard cover glossy laminated
Printed in different colors

Aluminium Notebook

Double wire from top
72 sheets(144 pages)   Dispaly: 24pcs
Love: paper 2 colors printed      Ref: NA0080/L
Horoscope: ruled 5x5 & line       Ref: NA0080
Best Friends: ruled 5x5 & line    Ref: NB0080

Paper: 90gsm
Cover: Anodised aluminium

Jeans Notebook

90x104 mm
Spiral from top
96 sheets(192 pages)   Ref: JS9603  Dispaly: 24pcs
ruled 5x5 & line

Paper: 80gsm
Cover: Hard cover binded with cotton polyester fabric

Compurite Notebook

Spiral from top
80 sh(160 pages)  Ref: UB0072  Dispaly: 30pcs
5x5 ruled

Paper: 80gsm
Cover: Real compurite circuit board

Counter Display

74 x 105 mm (A7)
Paper: 70 gsm
64 Sheets - 128 Pages Pkg: 80 pieces
Ref: PP6403 Barcode: 5 283001 503113
Colori della vita Hardcover
210 x 295 mm (A4)
Paper: 70 gsm
64 Sheets Pkg: 24 pieces
Ref: PP 2438 Barcode: 5 283001 50293-2